Friday, 22 August 2014

Help Me!

Dear all of you,

My entry on Tallenge, Earth's Largest Talent Platform is right underneath here.
"In Scarlet Water" -

Do take a look and vote for it if you think it deserves to win, when you have time, obviously (but preferably before September 12). You don't have to log in or sign up or anything, so it only takes around a few minutes! Please share it around, even if you're not interested! ^-^

Essentially, it's an entry for a short story competition. The winner will get opportunities for publishing online and it's a huge opportunity for me to take my writing further. :c

And here's the summary:

"There is a certain power in self-sacrifice."

My name is Lily Hooper, and I've never fit in anywhere. That is, to say, I've never fit in at home. I haven't even had a proper home. An asylum, a mansion... those aren't homes, are they? But finally, I've settled in; a new life, new friends, new parents... and I've left my life in London behind. The childhood I'd never had is the past, now, and I'm fine. I'm okay. Nobody will ever find me here.

Thanks a million, and it would mean the world to me,
Sarah <3

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