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Character- Evangeline Renée Nightshade

PART I OF Evangeline Renée Nightshade

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"Greetings! I come in peace. But be warned- that does not mean you can trust me... nor I you."

[ Full Name ] Evangeline Renée Nightshade

E | van | ge | line .  Re | née . Ni | ght | sha | de

Evangeline comes from the Latin word evangelium, meaning "good tidings." Evangeline is a Greek girl name, but it is mainly used in English. 
In Greek, Evangeline means "like an angel" or "good news."

nightshade |ˈnʌɪtʃeɪd|
a plant related to the potato, typically having poisonous black or red berries. Several kinds of nightshade have been used in the production of herbal medicines.
●Solanum and other genera, family Solanaceae (the nightshade family): several species, including the European woody nightshade (S. dulcamara), a climber with purple flowers and red berries. The nightshade family includes many commercially important plants (potato, tomato, capsicum peppers, tobacco) as well as a number of highly poisonous ones (henbane, thorn apple). See also deadly nightshade.
ORIGIN Old English nihtscada, apparently from night + shade, probably with reference to the dark colour and poisonous properties of the berries. Compare with German Nachtschatten.

The Human of the Night
The Messenger
The Archer
Nicknames: Eva, Night, Shade

[Age] One of the youngest beings in Nienr, Evangeline is aged 14
[Date/Place/Time of Birth] 12th of October in the late Second Age of Nienr, in the village near the fortress of the Dark Lord, Master of Nienr

From Nienr

[Gender] Female
[Sexuality] Straight (Heterosexual)

[Physical Appearance]

"Now we must leave those we have lost, Oziris. We thank the gods for keeping us safe"


Evangeline is an arrogant, hot headed human girl that will not hesitate to slap someone.   She is brave, bold, and reckless, but defends those she loves.
Sometimes, though, her bravery and temper make her stupid, well, for a human who’s grown up in Nienr, and she will then be vulnerable to making bad decisions.

"As the sky seemed to rise, they knew the battle that lay before them. A battle against all things good..."

Wisdom and logic
Evangeline has a sharp mind, and that skill of hers helps with her battle reflexes.

Unlike some humans, Elva is not of the betraying kind. She can, however, sense the evil and malice of the Land of Shadow, that was her home for her life. She hated it there.

However, if she got a chance, she’d take it.

Eva, however, is a friendly and empathetic human who often tries to help others, but only when she deems wise to do so. 
She also happens to be an optimistic person and can wear a smile on her face in even the dreariest of times.

"Where there is dark; there is light. When it seems we are doomed there will be hope. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there."

[History] Evangeline’s life began in Nienr's  Land of Shadows. She was born in the drab and dirty conditions of a small village that surrounded the Dark Lord’s fortress- a place which would hold her hostage for the next thirteen years of her life. 
Her mother being dead from childbirth, infant Elva was taken by her once loving father to the wild, along with her then- 9 year old brother Ethan.
But soldiers of the Dark Lord found them and took them to their master, who eyed them in amusement before offering a place as his right hand in court to their father... 

”Hope seemed like the song of birds, too swiftly flown away...”

...But first Lawrence had to prove his worth and loyalty and went though a course of 12 years, watching his children grow up as he practiced his loyalty and devotion to their future master. 
As Evangeline grew up, she became more aware of the horrible threats the Dark Master posed to Nienr.  After a year of planning, before her 14th birthday, she decided to escape from the fortress. 
But only after trying to persuade Ethan to come. But he would hear none of it, and it was with tears in their eyes that they bade farewell to each other.

"All good things come in time."

Soon after, her father was appointed right hand of the Dark Lord. Now he lives a pampered, rich life full of malice, greed and power.
"Nightshade kills.
But shades of the night,
Can revive you.

⚔ Lawrence Marcus Nightshade - Father
{Titles: Right hand of the Dark Lord} 
Age: 34

 ✝Aleana Nightshade (Née Sande) - Mother
{Titles: Wife of the Right Hand} 
Age: 28 when deceased

Ethan Ronan Nightshade (Brother, 19)

[Relationship Status] single

Her beloved bow and arrows, given to her by her brother. She treasures the weapon and is one of the best archers in Nienr.

Eva is alright with a sword, but she’ll only use that as a last resort.

Eva has one black Stallion, Tempest.

She also has a pet metallic bird, which flies on its own and is a totally normal bird, save for the fact that he’s made entirely of metal. His name is Oziris.

☞ Archery
☞ Remembering stuff
☞ Bravery 

☞ Her father and the Dark Lord
☞ Spiders- Although she loves nature, Eva hates spiders
☞ Being very sneaky- she’s bad at it
☞ Her past

"To rule time is to rule the world."

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