Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Character {Book}

So I've recently had this new hobby. It's basically making characters, but not just inventing them and knowing them by their names. I use a self created template to make these characters, include their personality, history, family... It's a lot of fun so don't be surprised if a new character pops up every week or so!
Some may be characters from a book such as the Lord of the Rings, or Narnia... and so on. Mostly because I can't think of a made up one.
Please though, if you're reading through them, they can't be used because they do belong to me. Apart from the ones from books. I mainly use these characters for my stories, so I'd appreciate it if the no-copy rule is still on here.
But it might get boring, so don't worry I'll probably squish in some writing prompts and stuff too in between posts.

- Cheers, Sarah

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