Saturday, 8 June 2013

There and Back Again


"In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. NOt a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and oozy smells, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hol with nothing in it to sit down or to eat; this was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort."

Mr. Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit, a Hobbit who wanted nothing more than to live in the Shire in Bag end, undisturbed. No, he did not want any adventures, thank you very much. But one peaceful day, Gandalf the grey, one of the most powerful wizards in the whole of Middle-Earth, paid Bilbo a visit, proposing Bilbo the adventure of a lifetime under the protection of Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thror son of Thrain, Naturally, being a Hobbit, Bilbo declines to sign the contract... But things overnight change as a whole pary of 13 dwarves raid his house of provisions... And Mr. Bilbo Baggins changes his mind.

And so it was that poor little Bilbo sets off towards the lonely mountain, the home of the dwarves, in the hope to help them gain back their home. The lonely mountain has been inhabited for years by a most feared fireworm, a dragon by the name of Smaug. Along his exciting and lethal aventures, Bilbo meets the Wood Elves, watched his friends almost being eaten by giant arachnids and captured by goblins, and has an extremely interesting competition of riddles with the creature Gollum. Gollum was once a hobbit called Smeagol, but his endless days in the dark and wearing the One Ring, or, His Precioussss, turned him into the creature that Baggins converses with.

Bilbo also learns his place and respect in the party, now nicknamed Thorin and Company, and learns to battle Orcs with burning pinecones, and how to ride an eagle and have a conversation with it, as well as how to best get an eagle to want to throw you off its back because it can't stand you anymore.

But Bilbo finds out that there's more to him than his little, comfortable Hobbit- Hole. As a burglar for Thorin, he helps the dwarves retrieve their homeland in ways never imagined possible, and he learns that he's got courage, and the strength and wit it takes to win back a gold-filled mountain from a creature that will guard its plunder till it dies.

But Thorin is not only after the gold, but after the Arkenstone, the heart of the very mountain, its well being, the King's jewel, as his Grandfather named it, and the most beautiful and captivating gem that had ever been found within the mines of the Lonely Mountain.

And so, in one last battle, a hobbit, a wizard, the Dwarven and Elven races of Middle-Earth all ally together to protect the mountain from an even grater foe- the Goblins and the Dark lord Saouron, creator of the One Ring.

This enchanting prelude to the J.R.R Tolkien's beloved Lord of The Rings Trilogy is a must read for fanatics of Middle Earth and others as well. As the Sunday Times once said, "The English speaking community is divided between those who have read <i>The Lord of the Rings</i>, and those who have yet to read it."

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