Monday, 22 April 2013


Nature can be everything. It once thrived all over the planet, but now, with the growing human population and our new ways of thinking. Nature is everything that is green- trees, grass, seaweed, but also bodies of water, soil, and any kind of animal or plant.
Over centuries, the human population has gone from prehistoric people to the technology people we are today. What was life 6,000 years ago? I can give you an idea. People tended to live in clans, named after animals and plants- willow, hare, raven, wolf... People wore nature. They relied on the earth to survive. Every day was a battle against nature, but also when the people received their needs from nature. They wore hide- animal skin whick they took from he animals they hunted down. They had no guns- they had wooden bows and arrows with stone shafts. Their knives were made of flint. They lived in harmony with nature.

Freedom & another friend

So what is nature now? It depends where you live. Some places, like New York, are pretty much made of stone. Some places, like different cantons in Switzerland, tend to be less skyscraper and more vineyard, alps, and mountains, valleys, pine forests, and greenery.

Nature is danger.
Nature is adventure.
Nature is freedom.
Nature is beauty.
Nature is like a second, quiet friend.
Nature is the original earth.
We are part of nature.

What do you think?

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