Monday, 4 February 2013

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Hi. I read a book called 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry. It's an amazing story, but really sad. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you go and sign it out from the library. Here's a short review I did.

The Giver, by Lois Lowry is a sad and moving book that revolves around a twelve- year old boy called Jonas. The world where Jonas lives in is perfect. Everyone is equal, there is no color, there are no animals... Jonas is happy with the community until a few weeks after the ceremony of the twelves. There he is chosen as the community’s receiver. Jonas now goes to work at the goes to see a wise old man known as the Giver’s office. The Giver is an old man with pale eyes who knows much more than anyone else in the community. The Giver feeds Jonas’ memory with new memories from a long time ago, memories of animals, of pain, hunger, happiness, war, snow, things that Jonas’ has never been in the risk or zone of experiencing and feeling these things. But most important, the Giver gives him the memory of color. But Jonas’ attitude towards the community changes as the Giver opens Jonas’ eyes and shows him the truth of the release.

The release is a very shocking event that occurs when twins are born and the elderly suffer from illness. What happens when Jonas sees the release is Jonas’ father injects a needle into the forehead of the weaker twin. Almost instantly the baby’s body goes still as the fluid intended to kill the weakling flows around its blood. Then the body is put into a cardboard box and thrown down the rubbish chute. There is no doubt that this would make someone go mad with rage, especially if it was your own father- your own father, a murderer. And this was no exception with Jonas. Sad and shocked and bewildered, “Jonas felt a ripping sensation inside himself, the feeling of terrible pain clawing its way forward to emerge in a cry.” (Lowry, p. 151) So it was that Jonas’ attitude towards his family, his community, changed. “‘I won’t! I won’t go home! You can’t make me!’ Jonas sobbed and pounded the bed with his fists.” (Lowry, p. 152) 

This is what happens in the ceremony of the twelves. Jonas’s life changes when he is appointed as a receiver during the ceremony of the twelves. It is a special job, and there is only one receiver in the community at a time. Jonas knows his life will never be the same again. “Jonas learned, through the memories, the names of colors; and now he began to see them all, in his ordinary life (though he knew it was ordinary no longer, and would never be again). ” (Lowry, p. 97) Basically during the ceremony of the twelves you are given a job that the community decides will be best for you. 

I give this book 5/5 stars because it's a really moving book that is well written. I recommend this book to people of ages 10 and above because soe parts really reflect dictatorship, control, and the real world in some cases. 

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