Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Shade Forest

I ran. I ran as fast as possible just to get away from the glaring eyes of civilization, and to my favorite hiding spot, just to myself, at the foothills of the Bezor mountains. My heart racing, I sat down on a rock jutting out over the sea, where every now and then a white line was seen on the blue waters as a wave broke out. I could taste the salty sea spray in the air, on my lips. 
I looked to my right. Only a couple paces away, lay the Shade forest, a forest said to be full of mysterious shadows, hence its name. An involuntary shudder ran through my spine. Many a traveler had gone in and never come back out. All people found was blood on the side of the road. Or nothing. 
I had always wanted to try it out, go in, ever since I was a little girl. Ever since both my parents had gone in to save a friend. This world is cruel, yes. Since those five years that the small town of Guildenstar had lost my parents, well- known folk to everyone, no- one had dared to ever go near the forest again. That is, all except me. 
I often got reproached by the villagers, a street girl with a band of ruffians nicking apples from private orchards, and getting into trouble. But still I was the only one brave enough to venture thins close.
Standing up, I slowly walked towards the dark fir trees. Fear pounded on the door of my heart. I stuck one hand between the trunks. I couldn’t move my hand so easily as I could when I was outside. This forest was different unlike all the others I had gone to. Surprised but not afraid, I withdrew my hand. Another shock awaited me. My hand was not wet, nor was the sleeve of my dress. it had felt like water. Boldly, I marched in. 
Almost instantly I felt myself being lifted, but ever so slightly. I was still being pulled to the leafy forest floor by that unknown force.
A spiky branch cut me across the back of my hand. It was only a mere scratch, but when the blood came out is clouded up beside me. Odd.
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. A faint shadow coming closer and closer. It was almost face to face with me when I realized what it was. A shark. Massif, probably five meters in length. It had white scars all over its snout. And gleaming white teeth, sharp as daggers. The blood started to move towards it. I backed away and clung to a tree, and climbed. I tried to get as far as possible, but it kept coming. 
Why had I been so foolish? 

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  1. I love this story, it was amazing. The way you described the surroundings was what kept me hooked to the story. It was very mysterious and I felt like I was that character in your story. By reading this short story I could really hear the ocean and taste the sea spray in the air.