Saturday, 17 November 2012

Science, Fate, Religion- Is it really real? Do we doubt it?

Is science real?

Science is in some ways real. You can prove several things in science, like what an onion skin cell looks like, or the differences between mammals and fish, or what chemicals react together. In most cases, people do not doubt science. It's been proven. It's real.

But think about this- what does an atom look like? We can't see atoms, with or without a microscope. We've just guessed what they look like. But where's the proof? Yeah, I know, documents, chemical reactivity, blah, blah, blah. How can we be so sure atoms look like that?
Say an alien came to earth and that alien could see atoms. And you show him a picture of what you think an atom looks like. What if he said, "What is that thing, dude? Atoms look like miniature, different colored and textured moons." What would you say?

The reason why most people don't doubt Science is because they think, "Oh yeah, that's true. Obviously it is because some scientific GENIUS said this was like this and I'm not that genius."

There are things science can't prove. Actually, (and sorry to you science people out there) science can't prove most things. Here are two examples of things science can't prove:

  • wether the dinosaurs were wiped out by some huge meteorite. (That's a theory, based on lots of convincing estimations.)
  • If mermaids, unicorns, REAL magic (not the kind you see at a fair, but pixie dust), fairies, dragons, elves, and other such creatures exist. Maybe they're invisible to humans? Maybe they live in a parallel universe? Maybe they lived a long time ago, but when they die their bones disappear into thin air? Who knows?

Is fate real?

Fate, to me, is only real when you meet it.
This is a quote I came up with : “Think about the past- for even if it is gone, remember it to not make any mistakes now. Be in the present- it is you as you are now. Forget the future, do not think of it, for the future never exists and never will.”

People doubt fate because they don;t know for sure what it is.

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