Sunday, 7 October 2012

Writing from different perspectives

In this task, I learned that writing from someone else's perspective is a very important skill in writing. It is important for me because it enables you to see things differently through a different person's eyes, to realize that not everyone thinks and sees things like you. That not everyone likes what you do. It shows you how to be more open minded towards other people and animals. Did anyone else experience this?
               In my story, the first person perspective, the original story was shown through a girl's perpective. She was fascinated by her discoveries in a medieval castle yet felt alone and scared when odd things started to happen. There was not a living thing in sight and corpses of dead fish floated in the moat. This was scary. Yet when she finds some company, a black stallion, she is happy and feels more at ease with her surroundings.
              The second perspective, written in third- person, shows the story through a creature called the Thing's eyes. The Thing loves the empty castle, with no life. It sees the world in black and white. It cannot feel. The Thing despises all living things, and feels only the urge to kill. So when the human girl arrives, the Thing vows to kill her.

I found this task very difficult, because even though I was writing through my character's perspective, I'm more of a person who writes in first person. I'm not used to writing in third person. Also, it's easier to stick with only one person for perspective. But it's also interesting to write in someone else's perspective. Writing in someone else's perspective really pushes you to step into someone else's shoes and think - "What would they say?" or "What would they think or do in this situation?"
Overall, I really enjoyed writing in someone else's perspective because it opened up my mind for me and helped me to think deeper.

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