Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Idol


The person I admire the most is Merida, the main character from the movie BRAVE. 
Merida is the princess of the Scottish village of Dumbroch. Her dad is the king, and her mum is Queen Elinor. Merida has three little brothers, who are triplets. Her dad is a crazy king that enjoys almost everything the queen dislikes and doesn't approve of. The queen is always trying to teach Merida, without success, how to become and act like a real princess. Elinor doesn't approve of the fact that Merida's biggest passion is archery. Merida hates her family when she is informed that she has to marry someone.

I admire Merida because she is brave, and rebellious. Merida fought for her rights and gender equality. I like her sense of rebellion when she is forced to marry one of the three idiots that come to her village. In order for them to be able to marry her, they must compete in a competition that the princess chooses. Obviously Merida chooses archery. When one of the men she has to marry accidentally scores a bulls-eye, Merida is furious. So she decides to "compete for my own hand!" She scores a bulls-eye one the two first targets, and when it comes to the last one, she proves her real talent. her arrow pierces the middle of the first, splintering it. Merida's mother is furious, and Merida decides to run away after her mother throws her bow onto the fire.

Merida decides to find someone who can change her fate. She follows the wisps, little blue creatures that are said to lead you to your fate. In time she arrives at an old witch's cottage, who cooks her a cake that she must give to her mum in order to change her fate. Unfortunately, the cake turns her mum into a bear, the same kind of bear that is feared all over the land. Now it's up to Merida to put things right. She tells herself that she'll put things back to normal, no matter what it takes. But do do that, you have to be brave. 

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