Monday, 1 October 2012

Death paragraph- free writing

I looked back at my dead companions, and the angry mob gaining ground on us, led by the king. My knuckles whitened as I gripped the hilt of my gleaming sword tighter. That was when it hit me- you cannot change the past. I walked up to Caesar and, kneeling before him, plunged my weapon into my chest. Blood sprayed the ground and I felt a tear running down my face, falling to the pool of blood on the ground in drop of scarlet as it mingled with the blood on my face. As the tear hit the water, it sent a ripple coursing through the puddle that was staining the dusty landscape and painting the rocky mountainside red. 
At first I felt nothing, just numbness, and then came the pain. A blazing pain that ran through my body like the blood that once ran through my veins. a monster tugging at my insides, trying to pull my spirit free. But when it stopped, it was too late. My beating heart was no more.

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