Monday, 8 October 2012

Book Review- Outcast (#4 Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)

Outcast, by Michelle Paver, is the fourth book in the Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness series. Set six thousand years ago, this spellbinding story tells of the time when fourteen year-old Torak is banished from the Raven clan, his only 'family' since his mother and Fa died. Torak becomes outcast because of the terrible secret he has kept hidden for two whole moons. He bears a tattoo of the three pronged fork for snaring souls on his chest. Unfortunately, being an Outcast means that danger is around, for anyone who sees the outcast must kill him. But this is the least of Torak's worries- one of the three remaining Soul- Eaters has pursued him into the wilderness and unknown to take his Nanuak or World soul, and use it to get his power- for he is the spirit walker. But this is not the only thing that Seshru the Viper Mage is after- she is also after the third piece of the thing that Torak's father shattered- the Fire Opal. But Seshru is just like a snake- slithering around obstacles, lying to everyone, and managing to separate Torak from his best friend, Renn, who has hidden a secret from him for two summers. Seshru also manages to separate Wolf, Torak's faithful pack- brother, by making Torak fall prey to the Soul Sickness...

In this book, Torak learns the truth of his past. As well as the shocking events that had happened...

I really liked this book because it was full of mystery and a pinch of magic. I recommend this book for people aged 12+ because it is very entertaining and mysterious but has a bit of complicated language. It is really well written and I think that Michelle Paver did an excellent job in writing Outcast.                

One of my favourite scenes was when the Viper Mage made Torak spirit walk in an Elk whilst sleeping. Unwillingly, Torak attacked his best friend Renn whilst in the Elk, and almost killed her. I liked this scene because it was at the point when Torak lost control of himself and started to go mad. It was really well described.

Another good scene was when Bale (Seal clan and Torak's kinsman) and Renn got captured by the Otter clan whilst in search of Torak. The Otters made Renn eat their food, a disgusting substance, and because Bale could see she thought it revolting and made up a lame excuse, then emptied her bowl into his. I liked that scene because it was funny.

I gave this book 5 stars because it is really well written- in a way to hook in the reader. I recommend it to people who are up to reading something adventurous and interesting.

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