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Book Character Dress-up Day

Renn of the Raven Clan

A picture of Renn that I drew
For book character dress up day I chose to dress up as one of my idols, Renn. Renn is a redhead who is obsessed with archery, and whose story is set six thousand years ago. The series of books that she comes from is called 'Chronicles of Ancient Darkness'.

Renn has red hair, fair skin, dark eyes, and has three blue-black bars on each of her cheeks. Her clothes are made of buckskin or reindeer hide, and at her belt she has a knife, an axe, a tinder pouch, a food pouch, and a medicine horn. At her shoulder she stitched on her clan creature feathers.

Renn's favourite thing to do is archery. She has a perfect aim, and can hit anything moving- wether it's a bird, flying high in the sky, or a galloping reindeer, or a squirrel scrambling up trees. Renn is the best archer in her clan. Her uncle, Fin-Keddin, taught her to shoot when she was eight summers old. Her father had just been killed in the ice river- crushed by a huge slab of ice. She wears a wrist-guard of polished greenstone Fin-Keddin made for her. She also sticks an owl feather (but not from an eagle owl) in her hair for hunting luck. Renn's best friend before Torak and Wolf was her bow, which she takes good care of. She polishes it with crushed hazelnuts, and has a waterproof salmon-skin covering for her bow. Her quiver is made of woven reeds and has a red and white banded zigzag pattern at the top.

Renn's clan is the Raven clan. Renn's clan creature feathers are actually a piece of hide from a Raven. Apart for their clan creature feathers, no one in the raven clan is allowed to hunt a raven and kill it. This is forbidden by clan law. Anyone who disobeys clan law becomes an outcast, who is hunted and if sighted, killed.
The way you can identify someone's clan is by looking at their clan creature feathers or skin, as well as their tattoos. The forest and mountain clans make their clan tattoos with black powder, whereas the sea clans use seaweed. Renn's raven clan tattoos are three blue-black bars on each of her cheeks.

Renn has one brother called Hord, who is vicious and ends up dying at the end of the first book. Renn's father died when she was very little. His body was found only when the ice melted, and because he had no death marks on himself when he died, Saeunn and Fin-Keddin had to perform a special ritual to gather back all of his souls. Saeunn is the Raven Clan mage. She performs different spells and rites to help the clan.

Renn tells everyone who doesn't know the truth that her mother died when she was born. Renn's actual mother was Seshru the Viper mage. Seshru married her father, had Hord, and left her husband. By then Hord was about nine summers old, and Seshru left him with his father, for he was too old for her purpose. She needed a child of around three to five summers old. In secret, Seshru turned against clan law, and joined a group of what once were known everywhere as the healers. But they had gone bad, and were driven by the will for power. Seshru needed an assistant- a slave. So she went back to her husband, had Renn, and left with the baby. Renn was to become a tokoroth.
A tokoroth is created when someone leaves a child alone in a dark cave, where it lacks light and someone to love. Only when it had forgotten its name and the touch of its mother's hand, does it's captor take it out. But the captor traps into it a demon. A demon in the body of a child. Demons are dark spirits that are known to cause hatred, war, sickness amongst the clans. Demons hate the living. All they feel is the urge to destroy.
Fortunately for Renn, Saeunn saved her and bought her to the Raven clan, where she was raised with her brother, father, and uncle.

Renn's best friends are Torak, Wolf, and her bow. She met Torak and Wolf when Torak unknowingly 'stole' a roe buck that belonged to the Rave clan. Times were bad- a demon bear haunted the woods and devastated the clans. It had killed Torak's father. Renn liked Torak, and helped him escape from her clan after he had fought a fair battle for his life. Since then, they learned that Torak was part of a prophecy, and that he was bound to rid the world of the Soul Eaters. Renn stayed with Torak and helped him accomplish this task. Torak and Wolf were the first real friends she ever had.

I really admire Renn because her story is so adventurous, she's a fighter, strong, rebellious, smart, and is an amazing archer. She plays a really great part in Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. Renn is brave because she faced the soul eaters. She is rebellious and committed because she betrayed clan law in helping Torak when he was outcast. Renn is resilient because she fought for revenge for her brother's death, and got over her father's death. She didn't regret her mother dying. She is smart because she knows many more things about healing, medicine, and magecraft than Torak.

So that's why I chose to be Renn!

This is my Renn Costume

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