Thursday, 11 October 2012

Abnormal Character- Hermione Granger

Hermione in her 6th year
One of the most abnormal characters I have met in a book would be Hermione Granger. Hermione is a character from the Harry Potter series, by J.k.Rowling, and is portrayed by Emma Watson for the films.
The main thing that makes her abnormal is the fact that she is a witch. Not the halloween type, but the Hogwarts type. Hermione is muggle born, which means that she has non magical parents. Despite this fact, Hermione is without a doubt the cleverest witch of her age, having read all of her schoolbooks before the year starts. She is always helping her two best friends, Harry and Ron, with their Transfiguration and Potions essays. Although Hermione is very clever, there is a reason why she was not put into Ravenclaw house, where the brains go. Ravenclaws are usually not very brave, but Gryffindors are "where the brave dwell at heart". Hermione is brave, very brave, and, along with Ron, helps Harry on his quest to kill Lord Voldemort.

My connection with Hermione is that I like to read paper books. Hermione is a ravenous reader, and always goes to the library for help, and although Harry and Ron like to tease her about it, they owe Hermione almost all of their essays. What I like about Hermione and have sort of inherited from her is her sense of bravery. I also like the fact that she is literally a nerd with courage and boldness.

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