Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chemical reactivity

What were at least three things you learned during this unit?
I learned how to balance chemical equations. Before we learned that I had no idea that chemical equations could get so complicated but eventually I started to get the hang of balancing chemical equations. A second thing I learned was that Francium is the most reactive element, and that the further down you go in the column of the Alkali metals, the more reactive they are. I also found out that metals give electrons away and non metals gain electrons to form a positive ion.

Which of these three is something you will likely never forget?
I think I will never forget that metals give and non metals gain electrons to form positive ions and that you can tell how many electrons they will give or gain according to the number of the column they are in.

What was your favourite thing we did in this unit? Why?
My favourite thing we did in this unit was watching cesium making a glass beaker explode when it reacted with water. I also liked the watching the X-tra Normal, Bill Nye and Brain Pop videos because they were all funny and instructive.

What is something you are still curious about that you would like to know about?
Something that I am still curious about is what are the elements that form two rows at the bottom of the periodic table and why are they separate?

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  1. Hey Sarah the bottom elements on the periodic table are called the lanthanides and the actinides. These elements are radioactive so whenever they are brought out in to the air or outside surroundings they break up as the give up all their gamma rays,all break up they are mostly named after famous places,cities and personalities.In other words the break up elements are called synthetic.