Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chapters 5 and 6 of the 5 musketeers

Chapter 5- The Missing Diamonds

D’ Artagnan, wake up!” I yelled at D’ Artagnan that morning. The sun was still rising and the sky was as red as blood. That didn’t work, so I tipped his mattress over so he fell on to the floor.  “Get up” I said.
“What’s happening?” a sharp rap answered.

“Athos! Porthos! Aramis!” They were awake in an instant. We went downstairs, swords at the ready. Athos opened the door and breathed out a sigh of relief. I elbowed D’ Artagnan and whispered; “Hey, look it’s your girlfriend!”
“Shut up!” he said, but he had gone scarlet. She stepped inside.
“Look, D’ Artagnan, I don’t have much time, so listen, okay? Yesterday the queen’s diamond necklace was stolen. I suspect Buckingham is behind it. I’m going to need you to get them back. They were given to the queen as a present from the king for their marriage. In one week it’s their wedding anniversary. You have that much time to bring them back.”
“And what if we don’t want to do it?” asked D’ Artagnan. Constance (that was her name) flung her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. I grimaced. It was a long time before they broke apart.

“Now will you do it?”
“Yes. Yes,” D’ Artagnan said dreamily. He had gone even redder.
“Excellent. I have got a few things to tell you that might be useful to you. Buckingham is in London, and I think you can guess where he’s hidden the diamonds.”
“The tower of London.” Said Athos immediately.
 “Correct. In the white tower. You’d better leave today if you want to get a good head start.”
“How will we get across the channel? We’ve got no ship.” I asked.
“You’ll be arriving in his majesty’s new airship.” She turned to me and grasped my hand. Our eyes locked.
“I’m sorry about what happened to you yesterday.” I bit back a sob. Her eyes were full of pity, and I could tell she’d noticed my eyes were red from crying. She gripped my hand tighter and said in a fierce voice, “this is your chance, Anne. This is your chance to show the king that you’re worthy enough to become a musketeer. And keep those curls hidden, yes?” I nodded and forced a smile on my face. She turned to Athos and said; “I’ll meet you at the main port in half an hour.” And with a sweep of her long fair hair, she was gone.

Chapter 6- Escape to London

When we arrived at the main port, Constance quickly pulled us in the middle of some stacked up cargo crates.
“What the-” began D’ Artagnan.
“Shhh! Look!” she jerked her head towards one of the ships that was being loaded. It had the Union Jack hoisted up on its main mast. I followed he gesture and saw three heavily armed palace soldiers. Their uniforms were identical to the ones we fought two days ago.
I breathed in sharply. “They were put here for us.”
“Yes. Somehow they knew that you were heading to London today. Buckingham must have sent the to capture all of you. If he has the diamonds, he will hand you over to the king as criminals and come back to Paris, triumphant. He would tell the king that you stole the diamonds and would have the pleasure to execute you.”
“Then why don’t we fight them?” I breathed.
“No!” said Aramis. “If we fight them, we’ll draw attention to ourselves and break our promise we made to the king. Either way we’ll get killed.”

“There’s another option. Leave it to me.” Said Constance. She was tying the fastenings of a black cloak that looked very similar to our cloaks. Pulling the hood over her head, she disappeared. She returned a moment later riding a horse that was of the same type as Buttercup- white with black spots. She rode past the guards at a trot, and when she was sure they had noticed her, she quickened her pace and vanished from sight around a bend.
The guards were completely fooled. “There! That’s the boy! Quick!” One of them flung an arm out towards the direction Constance had gone, bonking his neighbor on the nose. They got into an argument. Then after a ridiculously long time, they all ran in hot pursuit of Constance.
D’ Artagnan rolled his eyes as we watched the soldiers disappear with bated breath. “How thick can you get? They haven’t even left one behind to supervise the area!”
“Be happy that they’re stupid,” I said.

Seizing the chance Constance had given us, we stepped out of our hiding place and sprinted to the airship that was waiting for us. As we climbed aboard, I couldn’t help notice that Buckingham had thought about building it. It was smaller and plainer than his airship. Nevertheless, it would get us to London.

            It took us one day and almost two nights to cross the English Channel. By the time London came into view, the first stars were already making their way into the sky. We decided to sail the last little bit on water. We had spent the whole voyage planning and re-planning strategies to carry out the day we arrived in Great Britain. Finally we came up of a suitable plan of how to steal the diamonds. So, after a fitful night of sleeping, tossing and turning around in anxiety, we put our plan into action.   


  1. As I have mentioned a lot of times in my previous comments, I am absolutely flabbergasted by your imagination and how well you have compiled it into a beautiful story knitted so well together. It is a delight to read every chapter and every time I crave for more, i just wish it would go on and on!

  2. Hi Sarah, Your creativity and imagination is endless! I actually haven't read "The Three Musketeers" but your story is convincing me to read it! I really want to see how you have shaped your story from the original work. I can sense that Anne is slightly jealous about Constance and D'Artagnan's relationship. Obviously, I'll have to see if I am correct. Post the next chapter PLEASE!